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Sooperbowlin’ 06 3 February 4, 2007

Posted by David Card in Uncategorized.

6:10PM the ads on-demand are going to be served up quarter by quarter, after the quarter. So no peeking. They’re hosted on Sportsline, which otherwise didn’t get much branding love from CBS.com.

The Colts come on to the Who. Or is that the theme song to CSI? And waitaminnit, are the pregame highlights set to Galvanize, by the Chemical Brothers, or to “the song that runs behind the Bud Select commercials”? I think highlights background is more a factor of TV types with limited musical ranges, rather than insidious cross-programming. But I’m definitely loving those potential confusions.

Whoops, there’s Billy Joel doing the national anthem. Urk.

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