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Download Harry Potter Here February 12, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Note to Google: Don’t you know that when Hollywood says “Jump!” the correct response is “How high?”

    At the core of the media companies’ dispute with Google, which isn’t a defendant in the piracy case, is their claim that Google deliberately directed traffic to Web sites that were engaged in fostering piracy. Although people familiar with the situation say the incident doesn’t involve large sums of money, several media executives say it has led them to question Google’s internal controls. Google told the studios on Friday it would implement new procedures to prevent recurrences….

    The defendants in the case, Brandon Drury and Luke Sample, said in sworn statements that Google representatives offered them credit to buy advertising on Google’s search engine. They also said Google supplied them with keywords, including terms such as “bootleg movie download,” “pirated,” and “download harry potter movie,” which boosted traffic to their sites, according to people familiar with the case. In court filings, both men deny any wrongdoing.

That last bit is a howler. I love the idea of Google reps working so hard for their money ($800K in two years’ worth of ad spending, according to the story).

But don’t you just love rights negotiations that are carried out in public? I’m kinda hoping Google sticks to its guns on this one. Just to see some more veins pop — metaphorically, if not completely disingenuously — before the deals are ultimately signed.

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