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Hooray for Hollywood February 25, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I won the family Oscar pool running away. This is about as well as I’ve ever done, for all the talk that this was an “unpredictable” year. I went 17 for 24, missing only the following:

– Cinematography (Children of Men was robbed!)
– Editing
– Costumes
– Song
– Sound Editing
– and two of the shorts: animated and documentary (which I basically pick by random)

I usually do better on the technical ones than the big ones, but not this year. That must have been because it was a “technical” year with Scorcese finally winning, and some obvious acting choices.

I dipped into the Oscar Websites from the big portals, and the LA Times. They were all okay, but none really played up any real-time simul-viewing. Blogging on Yahoo, for instance, was really lame, and the photos were really repetitive. I guess nerds don’t obsess over the Oscars the way they do sports. Waitaminnit. That makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe they obsess more?

On teevee, Ellen DeGeneres was about as bad as I expected. I almost felt sorry for her during her opening monologue, which was truly awful. Chris Rock & David Letterman are heaving sighs of relief — they’ll no longer be the Worst Academy Awards Host Ever. Commercials? I liked the BofA ad a lot, and Microsoft’s Wow campaign for Vista continues to be solid. Apple’s iPhone ad was appropriately movie-themed, but you couldn’t even tell the thing is a phone during the glory shot — not iPod-iconic by a long shot. And Cadillac poached a Pogues song!

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