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Wal-Mart Isn’t Always First March 2, 2007

Posted by David Card in Marketing.

The NY Times has an interesting story on how Wal-Mart is (re-)thinking about its biggest customer segments.

    There are “brand aspirationals” (people with low incomes who are obsessed with names like KitchenAid), “price-sensitive affluents” (wealthier shoppers who love deals), and “value-price shoppers” (who like low prices and cannot afford much more).

Back in 2001, we did some similar analysis. Our Brand Bonders are pretty much the same as Wal-Mart’s aspirationals, and we both found value shoppers (we called them bargain hunters). We didn’t really find any price-sensitive affluents. But we were looking for combinations of brand attitudes and price sensitivity that affected on- and off-line behavior. We looked at income and spending as characteristics of the groups, but not as the defining characteristics.

Anyway, anybody interested in this kind of segmentation and analysis should give us a call.

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