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There’s Still Hope March 4, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

In this NY Sunday Times piece on Pixar founder John Lasseter’s new role as chief creative officer of Disney animation, he and Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull speak words we’ve all been waiting to hear:

    For another, they hope to reintroduce hand-drawn movies. Simply put, the two do not want to see the art form lost. “One of the things I find distressing is that when money gets tight, the money for drawing dries up,” Mr. Catmull said. “When people draw, they are learning to see.”
    Since taking over, Mr. Lasseter and Mr. Catmull have instituted a program to revive the hand-drawn animated short. “The whole purpose is to get these artists ready for feature films,” Mr. Lasseter said.
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