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My People Will Call Your People March 22, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

As if Tribune Co. needed any more turmoil, there’s a little scandal percolating in the naval-gazing world of journalism. The LA Times’ editorial editor has resigned, publicly, on his LA Times blog, because his publisher spiked a special section guest-edited by a guy who’s PR’d by the editor’s girlfriend. Avoiding that old “appearance of impropriety.”

But the best part of the story is who the scandal involves. The LA Times, in its wisdom, first tried for Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet to be the inaugural Guest Editor. Upon being turned down, the Times went with Brian Grazer. Yep, that Brian Grazer. The producer of “A Beautiful Mind.” If you can’t get a visionary titan of investment or technology, hey, go with the next best thing, a Hollywood producer. (And Steven Spielberg wasn’t available.)

I love el Lay. I’m probably gonna have to move back there someday.

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