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More Tech Trade Pub Chatter March 28, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

This is all very sensible, even wise. But if IDG’s Pat McGovern was doing what he says he’s doing now back in 2000, it would have been brilliant. It would have been absolutely awe-inspiring in 1996.

    In the past when we’d launch a new subject, we’d launch it as a new magazine, and put millions of dollars into selling subscriptions, and go out and get people to buy advertising. Today we would put it out as a website, publicize it to get a lot of visitors, use viral marketing, get people to come back and say it’s a great site. And through newsletters and webcasts, we can get a lot of registered information on the users.
    When we get 50,000 or 60,000 registered users, we can take a random sample of those and ask, ‘Would you like a magazine or a newspaper on the subject? Is so, what frequency and what format and how much would you pay for it?’ And if there’s enough demand we could go to the advertisers and say, ‘Here’s the audience, here’s their buying power, would you be interested in buying advertising in a print publication?’

This is a good interview, well worth reading the whole thing. I worked for IDG for almost 10 years (not in magazines, but at IDC, its research company). Yes, I got my Xmas bonus hand-delivered. The one of the 10 Corporate Values I memorized in case I met McGovern in the elevator was “Keep the corporate staff lean.”

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