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Google, TV Advertising — Need I Say More? April 3, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Advertising Age has by far the best coverage I’ve seen on Google’s TV advertising tests. Most of mainstream media and the bloggers I scanned didn’t even explore how Google would deliver relevance on TV ads. (By measuring what ads actually get watched, or watched all the way through, and applying that to the black box ranking algorithm, apparently, though it seems they’re going to charge bidders only by impressions.)

I am hesitant to comment on this much without talking to Google or its partners. Battelle seems to have tried, and got a cut & paste response from the source.

This is a big deal, folks, much bigger than Spot Runner or Google’s dabbling in dMarc, who makes most of its money in radio services other than ad-serving. Can’t say how it ranks with eBay’s TV ad auction.

Maybe Businessweek’s cover story — which revived the Googlezon meme! — scared everybody off.

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