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Yahoo Scores a Big Paid Search Customer April 11, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Viacom: Nice win for Yahoo paid search. For those keeping score, of this month’s top 15 (by total page views) companies (well, mostly companies — it’s that usual mix of properties and companies that comScore Media Metrix lets its customers create), the paid search providers are:

Fox Interactive – mostly Google (MySpace, IGN), a little Microsoft & Quigo
Yahoo – Yahoo
Microsoft – Microsoft
Time Warner – Mostly Google with AOL’s new marketplace; but CNN is Yahoo, People and Cartoon Network don’t do web search. That’s synergy, baby.
Google – Google
Facebook – nobody
eBay – nobody
Craigslist – nobody
Comcast – Google
Viacom – Yahoo now
Intuit – nobody
AT&T – Google
Ask – a little of their own, a little Google
Amazon – seems to be doing a little of its own with its A9 efforts
Electronic Arts – nobody

I’m pretty sure this is accurate. Salesforces, you have your marching orders.

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