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“Old Media Is Dead!” Scream Start-Ups April 17, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Heck, mass media is dead. That’s what you get for hosting an event in NoCal, I guess. I think the view from New York or el Lay would be a little different. Come on, Charlene, didn’t you smack ’em down a little?

    “Maybe mass media was just a temporary phenomenon,” mused Rich Skrenta, co-founder and CEO of news aggregator Topix, noting that mass media arose as a consequence of controlled distribution and captive consumer attention. Today, of course, getting one’s message out, or film or song, for that matter, doesn’t require approval from distribution channel gatekeepers…

“Of course.” Yeah, dream on. There are still plenty of gate-keepers and promoters. Oh, that’s right, hits don’t matter anymore. Didn’t I read that in Wired? (Or in Chris Anderson’s best-seller, wait, that’s a hit, isn’t it?) Give me a break.

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