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Some Answers? May 2, 2007

Posted by David Card in Digital Home & Personal Tech.

I know Michael’s being provocative. But maybe I can provoke some debate too.

Isn’t it pretty simple?

– A Television is the biggest screen in your house. It’s for entertainment.
– A Personal Computer is a thing with a keyboard that’s optimized to be a programmable, general-purpose device, but primarily to run Office and access the interweb. (And btw, adding the online is the only thing that’s ever changed.)
– A Telephone is a thing that’s optimized to make and receive voice calls. (Yeah, now it’s portable.)

Which of these is most likely to adopt a few functions of the others? I’d bet phone, since it’s the mobile one.

Which ones will “converge”? Well, each of them — or, really, none of them — but they’ll each still be optimized for the primary function.

I’m pretty sure Michael agrees with that, though he’s been changing his tune on multifunction devices since he got seduced by the iPhone. Yeah, that mobile “phone” you can’t even use can barely use one-handed.

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