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MSM Shamelessly Panders to YouTube “Controversies” May 12, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Okay, it’s been almost two weeks. No one cared. There can be only one Lonelygirl. Ten days ago, the LA Times wasted 2,000 words on a YouTube “mystery.” Let’s hope it’s the last in the series.

    In this installment: Who is GreenTeaGirlie, the comely YouTube star whose ascendance had everyone suspecting a Lonelygirl-style hoax?

    …It was something of a revelation to Foremski. “What if there was a whole ad agency dedicated to setting up these relationship between companies and popular YouTubers?” he mused at the time.

    “And Vidstars kind of grew off of that.”

    Foremski said the notoriety Vidstars has gotten from its GreenTeaGirlie high jinks has attracted several parties interested in Vidstars’ next move. It’s an interesting new business model: hoaxing for dollars.

No, it’s not — new or interesting. If this is his best work, feel free to lay off this particular reporter.

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