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Ouch May 15, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Can’t say I disagree. Can’t say we haven’t done ‘em.

    Newspaper journalists hate working weekends, so they keep a vigil all week for a special kind of crap that they can write up on Friday and bank for publication on Monday. The crap must be as nonperishable as a MoonPie, preferably linked to a “study” or “report” that won’t be “released” until Monday but one the press can get a sneak peek of by Friday.
    Serving a steaming heap of Monday crap today (May 14) are many of the nation’s top dailies. They report that for the first time since man dropped from the trees, scampered across the savannah, and started shopping for stuff online, clothing sales on the Web have eclipsed those of computer hardware and software. Aren’t you glad you know?
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