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Still Searchin’ for a Search UI May 15, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Looks like there’s still a few more tricks to learn — from TiVo — on programming guides, UIs, and, for that matter, search. And “swivel” is much cooler than “pivot.”

I’ve got a report that should be posted soon on innovating in Web- and site-search. It’s going to continue to be haaaaard work to wean folks from the simple keywords first AOL and now Google have taught us so well.

But this might help. If a lot of people get exposed to faceted results and easy-to-use parametric search on Teevee, where you don’t have a keyboard, maybe they won’t go back. (As long as the results are good.) Microsoft studies show people will click, even if they won’t re-type. And, most times, they won’t even type anything sophisticated. MSN Live Search passes the “apple” test better than Google. I already praised Ask X.

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