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Interactive TV: Not Dead Yet! May 16, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Some howlers in the Journal’s coverage of NCTA hype on iTV ads:

    There is still another Web-like advantage for the new ad opportunities, said (president of media sales for Time Warner Cable Joan) Gillman. “The No. 1 value [advertisers] say is they get Internet-like data.”

That would be this Internet-like data? Seriously, it is kinda silly that over $65 billion a year is spent using 30 year old measurement and planning techniques.

    On the advertising end, it remains unclear what kind of messages will work best, just as there is little consensus about the most effective advertising for online-video advertising and other new marketing forms….Observers say cable companies and the companies that produce TV content are likely to work through the problem together. Cable operators have long-standing ties with the TV companies, unlike Internet companies, which are perceived as a threat to the traditional TV business model…

I assume “TV companies” means “networks” and “Internet companies” means “Google.” (And AOL? that would be Time Warner’s AOL?) Oh yeah, awesome relationships on that front.

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