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Latest Music Phone Ads: Almost Getting It May 22, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I’m loving the Verizon “music hunter” ads — featuring Music ID that allows you to identify a song played, for instance, on the radio, where most people find new songs, with your phone and download it. Extra coolness points for using a Modest Mouse single. Not as good, but still kinda neat: Sprint’s ads where be-sunglassed young executive types must have Ciara, Joss Stone, and My Chemical Romance, so they download songs over the air. Negatives for less than hip artists.


Big negatives: neither ad is easy to find online. Try Googling or Youtube searching.

And both are way too focused on OTA downloads. First, we’ve gotta teach Amuhricans to use their phones to play their existing digi music collections, then teach ’em buying, let alone OTA buying. Remember? That’s how iPods worked. Otherwise, guys, you can keep complaining about iPod stereotypes till you’re blue in the face.

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