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Real Platform Companies Play Hardball June 14, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Oh, this is a riot. (If you hadn’t heard: Google canceled its turf-infringing party during an eBay event after eBay — Google’s biggest advertiser — pulled its ads.)

For the record, the serious consumer Internet platform players, in alphabetical order:


Some wannabes who could be contenders:


My strict definition of “platform” in this context (operating systems, game consoles and the iPod are also platforms, of course):

JupiterResearch defines a “platform” as a set of core technologies and services that other applications and services, from other companies, can use. These core technologies often include application-programming interfaces, file formats, user interface elements, and, these days, syndicated Web services. Google extends the notion of platform to include revenue streams or business models—for example, paid search and keyword-based contextual advertising—that partners can plug into. Platforms spawn economic ecosystems and feedback loops, and are solidified by habitual usage. Successful ecosystems must offer value to all links—user, partner, and platform provider. Paid search epitomizes that kind of win/win/win situation.

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