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Apparently, Semel’s Out at Yahoo June 18, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I don’t claim to know how Yahoo’s inner workings work well enough to speculate on what impact Terry Semel’s resignation will have on the company, particularly since Jerry Yang is apparently the replacement. I’ll observe that Yahoo continues to be very well-positioned to take advantage of some of the key trends online, and that peanut butter isn’t the problem. However, it’s clearly not keeping up with the Jones in Mountain View and el Lay. The pitch isn’t resonating like it should.

It’s not capitalizing nearly enough on five factors that are potential game-changers in portal-land:

– Internet advertising recovery (driven by search)
– US home broadband crossover
– Social media & marketing
– Competitive flux (at AOL and MSN)
– Website deconstruction

Of these, the online advertising evolution and social media are the most important. We’ll see if this means Yahoo is in competitive flux or not.

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