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Vera, Chuck, and Dave June 19, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I, too, admit it was a little jarring to see Sir Paul in the iPod commercial, but, come on, no more so than seeing his Purpleness in a Verizon spot.

One can imagine Steve Jobs saying, “Yes! I got a Beatle!” Only Dylan could top him in Jobs’ heart. Boomers need to be more comfortable buying digital music, too, you know (see Figure 4: almost 60% of paying downloaders in our survey base were under 35).

I think it’s smart of both artists. McCartney associating himself with digital music — check out his interview in the New Yorker, (print only) he’s not such an old fool on the hill at all. And, whatever you think of Verizon, you can’t knock them too hard for mobile music, which is only just getting under way over here in the States. And the Prince ad is sexy. Good, with-it vibes for both of ’em.

I confess, the Starbucks match is way more natural…

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