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Conferences and Nostalgia June 20, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I’m off to the DeeCee area to moderate a panel at the Digital Media Conference and visit with some clients. Do drop by. Stories and insights to come.

And the, at the risk of losing all my limited cred, it’s a Nostalgic Comic-Nerd weekend with an old high school chum: FF II (the link is to an awesome app on Facebook, btw) — and while we’re at it, does anybody remember the fairly-but-not-entirely lame remake of Breathless where Richard Gere quoted the Surfer? — and Geppi’s, which I’ve yet to visit, more shame on me.


My buddy, if I recall correctly, has just about the entire run of major Marvel titles since about 1972. He’ll never sell; it’s love, not commerce.

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