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Internet Radio Day of Silence June 26, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I’m a little torn on this one. Certainly, the royalties proposed by the Copyright Board are currently unsustainable by the current online audio advertising market, which is so small we don’t count it. And really, how viable are display ads in a mostly aural environment? Paid content? Please.

On the other hand, why should a dying struggling industry subsidize a subsegment’s currently unworkable business model? For all the talk of promotion, terrestrial radio — and TV, for goodness’ sake — let alone word of mouth, dwarfs online radio as discovery tools or purchase influences, according to Jupiter surveys (see Figure 12). (One hopes our new survey, just about to go into the field, will show some more promising trending…)

But there’s got to be a way to compromise, at least for a finite amount of time for experimentation. Can’t we all be grownups? Oh, right, it’s the music biz.

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