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“Live” Earth? July 9, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Apparently, Live Earth flopped. Except online. I wouldn’t know because I have a Mac at home and the MSN experience for Macs was, let’s say, sub-par. The NBC teevee experience was pretty awful. Why does anyone think rapping in a football stadium is a good idea? Especially when interwoven with green insights from the likes of Cameron Diaz?

Wickedly funny review from a non-believer. I swear I’m not making political statements here. Really, I’m not. Heck, I’m a registered Democrat.

    The globe-spanning Live Earth pop music extravaganza fell flat for television viewers in the United States and Britain, drawing far smaller audiences than the Princess Diana tribute concert a week earlier.
    The main three-hour American TV broadcast on NBC averaged a meager 2.7 million viewers, ranking as the least-watched U.S. program on Saturday night and falling below NBC’s summer prime-time Saturday average, Nielsen Media Research reported on Monday.

48 Hours and a rerun of Monsters Inc. trounced NBC’s Live Earth broadcast. Promoters were claiming Live Earth would top World Cup audience reach.

Whatever. We’ll be doing lots of Green research this year. Green, as they say, is the new black. Green Teens are coming soon here.

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