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Mentioning Transformers, and I’m Not Even Talking About Product Placement July 9, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Yikes, perfume was bad enough, but now we’re subjected to CPG ads before the trailers in movie theaters. And I’m not talking Coke or Pepsi, I’m talking detergent. I saw two Unilever ads running back to back during the canned pre-trailer programming at two different theaters this weekend. All was one of ’em; I can’t remember the other. (I know it was Unilever because, while I may not retain messages, I look for copyright statements…)

These were before a schlockbuster, Transformers (hated it) and a horror movie, Joshua (nice play on Yuppie family fears). Targeting? Not so great. Is this a desperation attempt at clutter-busting ?

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