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…and More Silly Data July 10, 2007

Posted by David Card in Uncategorized.

So it looks like Nielsen/NetRatings is going to do the obvious thing and talk about total minutes as the key engagement metric. This is in the face of Web 2.0 programming techniques that devalue page views. Makes sense to me, especially since Jupiter’s been doing it for over five years (with comScore data, no less).

However, as colleague Emily Riley pointed out earlier, nobody buys ads this way yet, and probably won’t for some time. And for pete’s sake, even though a GRP a relatively primitive way of counting an audience, why have we as an industry still failed to create something that’s comparable? Or comparable enough for media planners to do ROI tradeoff analysis without using Black-Scholes differentials?

Finally, I have to observe — even though readers know my heart is with the publishers — no sophisticated media planner or programmer buys or builds off of one metric. Especially one that’s reported the way a publisher wants it organized. Who buys “Fox Interactive Media?” Nobody. They buy MySpace or Fox News or IGN. The only thing this one-stop metric is for is press releases.

As an ex-AOL exec said to me and Emily today, they’re dancing in Dulles.

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