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Stop the Madness July 11, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Quoting from a reputable MSM newspaper, names obliterated to protect the clueless:

    …a senior analyst for (rival research firm), said the new rankings may prompt advertisers to change they way they present and place ads. It could also hurt search engines like Google that generally serve as pit stops for users looking for something else.
    “The longer eyeballs are on a Web site, those pages potentially have more engagement with individual,” (analyst) said. “And that’s more time to see advertising displayed…It’ll be interesting to see the shift in advertising dollars.”

Ummm, Google doesn’t place CPM ads on search results pages last I checked. And where it does — YouTube — it does just fine in total minutes. But nobody buys ads based on a media brand’s total minutes anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. Time spent is a sensible engagement metric. But the only time you add up a media brand’s total minutes is for a press release or a Jupiter pie chart that describes a big-picture industry or market condition.

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