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Isn’t Online Entertainment Supposed to Be an Audition? July 30, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

This is all very cool, but wouldn’t the Lonelygirl15 creators rather have, like, real jobs? In Hollywood? Star Jessica Rose — Bree herself — has a part in Lindsay Lohan’s latest. Umm, maybe that’s not so great.

    Shooting continues on location around London on the brand new internet drama series KateModern, commissioned by, and screening exclusively on leading global social networking site Bebo.com.
    The brand new web-based series is the UK spin-off of the hugely successful Lonelygirl15, the world’s most popular interactive drama series which launched in June 2006 and has since been viewed more than 60 million times. In line with this new trend in entertainment, Bebo is at the centre of the dialogue about how online programming is shaping teenage viewing habits, and with KateModern, is giving its 8.8 million UK users exactly what they’re asking for.

All kidding aside, I’ll get back to you after I talk to the folks at Bebo. Should be interesting.

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