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No D@mn Notes August 1, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I met with the principals of My Damn Channel the other day. In some ways the company is Yet Another Online Video Startup, but with several intriguing twists.

Rob Barnett, who made his name at CBS Radio and MTV, is recruiting real live professionals like Harry Shearer, Don Was, and David Wain to create short-form videos with the promise of a 50/50 rev-share, production costs covered, and “No @#$%ing notes.” That would be “total creative control” for the non-Hollywood types.

My Damn Channel has a destination but is also embracing distribution and the necessary but not sufficient embed codes, etc., etc. It’s using rep firms to sell its ads, some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t, and is offering brand advertisers sponsorship of the talent channels. Oh, and it’ll be lean and mean. No DENs, here.

Jupiter report on online video programming and distribution.

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