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Big Guys’ 2Q07 Online Ad Growth Update August 2, 2007

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For those keeping score, advertising revenue growth at the big guys:

Google (ex-TAC) – 64% (if my calculations are correct)
Yahoo (ex-TAC) – 11%
AOL (US, ex-TAC) – 12% (more details when I finish mulling over the earnings call)
MSN – 33% (and it’s Microsoft’s fiscal fourth quarter)

2006 US market share (Figure 2 for clients). Oh, heck, I’ll print it again for lazy freeloaders (you know who you are):

US Online Ad Spending, 2006

Google 25%
Yahoo 15%
AOL 8%
MSN 7%
Others 45%

Source: JupiterResearch Internet Advertising Model

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