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Home Pages? Get Over ’em August 7, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

As usual, a lot of the quasi-academic discussions in “Journalism” are arguing about the wrong things. Ads on the front page? Who gives a hoot? Home pages are so 1998. I’ll explain in a report later this month, but here’s a tease from the draft key findings:

Although 57 percent of consumers say they navigate their favorite sites from the home page, leading sites report two-thirds of their traffic arrives deep in the site from search engines. Content companies must re-allocate resources away from home page programming to (landing) page- and network-programming.

By the way, Jupiter recommends that content and media sites should look to the smart examples being set by newspaper sites — yes, newspaper sites — who are way ahead in the new networked media trends. WaPo’s a stud; LA Times is no slacker; USA Today a little wacky but on the right track; and even the Grey Lady and — gasp — the Journal, are mostly in line with the trends and best practices. I won’t bother with links. Google ’em. That’s what everybody else does.

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