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I Don’t Think This Means TV Is Dead…. August 8, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Wow, this is kind of huge.

    General Motors Corp. won’t renew its separate-but-linked sponsorships of the U.S. Olympic Team and event broadcaster NBC when those deals expire after the Beijing Games at the end of 2008. When inked in 1997, the multiyear contract was a landmark media and sports event package, worth an estimated $900 million: $300 million for the automaker to be the official domestic car and truck sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team, and $600 million for domestic auto exclusivity on NBC and its affiliates’ TV and online coverage through 2008.

I’m not sure what to make of this — maybe NBC and the IOC (oops) USOC just pitched another 10-year contract too hard. I’d hesitate to read too much “TeeVee is dead” into it.

Several reports have GM saying it didn’t get what it thought it would over the years, except for US-hosted games. But hey, by 2012, if GM can’t figure out how to do a global, integrated Interweb-mobile-TV-onsite campaign, there are bigger problems…

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