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Universal Music’s DRM-free Experiment Won’t Solve Industry Woes August 9, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Yeah, DRM-protected downloads suck. But so does a who-knows-what’s-available-where shotgun approach. RealNetworks is doing Universal artists but hasn’t got EMI’s DRM-free tracks. iTunes has EMI but not Universal. eMusic has the indies. Sheesh. No wonder Amazon’s confused. Think of the what a buyer will face.

Preview: killing DRM won’t exactly kick digital music into fifth gear:

I would buy more digital songs if I could copy or burn them without restrictions — 24% of US online adults

I would buy more digital songs if I could play them on any device or computer no matter where I bought them
— 23%

But yes, almost twice as many of the best prospects — digital music aficionados and freeloaders who, together, make up about 35% of online adults — agree with the statements.

Colleague Mark Mulligan’s take, with a Euro flavor, again.

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