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MySpace Ad Targeting Getting Close August 10, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

MySpace ad targeting is in beta, skedded for limited charter trial next week, according to this interview in Silicon Alley Insider. I’m a believer in the promise — since social networks are about communicating with like-minded folks, most profiles won’t be too full of lies. Let’s see if MySpace can execute on the promise. If it can, watch out.

    (Fox Interactive chief revenue officer) Mike Barrett: We’re in beta right now. We launched about two weeks ago with 11 segments: The plan was to cume large segments in the most attractive lifestyles for advertisers: Auto, lifestyle, beauty, health, etc. We’re testing it with house creative: If someone’s been identified as someone who’s interested in fashion, we target ads to them that have nothing to do with fashion, and then ads that would direct them to say, the MySpace fashion channel. Then we test the clickthrough and refine the algorithm, to make certain that this target audience that we say are fashion aficionados are truly going to perform better than if you just ran a fashion ad on run of site.
    Within the next week or so we’ll take it public, probably on a limited charter basis so we can learn a little bit more. By October or November we’ll have broken these 11 segments into 100 segments. So you can target people who are not just interested in beauty, but makeup. Or people not just interested in travel, but safari travel.
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