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Is Glam Media? August 14, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Big debate: is Glam Media an ad network or a leading online women’s property? Um, is there a difference?

For classy brand advertisers: not if Glam can guarantee you placement near desirable content in front of desirable eyeballs. I don’t know, can it? That’s pretty unclear to me. I haven’t talked to many advertisers or agencies about Glam yet; I’d be interested in hearing tales.

For CPA advertisers: not really. Although its audience may be a bit more fragmented than its pitch implies.

For users: absolutely. Does the network have a voice? A community? A home page or some other navigation system that collects and presents things to it audience in a useful fashion?

That’s pretty unclear, too. For example, today Glam.com’s search fails this simple test: type in some key words from content that’s actually on the page, and see if the related article turns up in the results. On the flip side, the network gathers lots of great, engaging content, and embraces the networked media concept. (See Jupiter report.)

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