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Fad or Phenomenon, Green Is Hot August 22, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Put aside any doubt that Jupiter is the trendiest of Internet research firms. Presenting the Green Collection:

Banking Green Online
One-fifth of the online population are so-called green financial services consumers, i.e., consumers would buy more financial products from institutions that are committed to protecting the environment. Among the five major banks included in the survey, Bank of America’s customers express the highest satisfaction with the bank’s environmental efforts. Other institutions should raise their green profiles by launching both image-enhancing and sales-supporting initiatives.

Green Grown-Ups
Green adults (21 percent of all online adults) skew older than average and are not necessarily affluent. They are also more engaged with user-generated content (UGC) than are overall online users. Marketers must understand their usage of this content to avoid misplaced campaigns.

Green Teens
Green teens (15 percent of online teens) are popular, engaged in school activities, and a little artsy. Music and entertainment programming and social media will appeal to them, and they’re likely to respond positively to online marketing.

Euro-analysis coming soon. Zia’s on vacation or we’d have the podcast posted already. Stay tuned.

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