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Big Burgers Come Up Small Online August 28, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I’m lovin’ the McDonald’s TV spots that beg us New Yorkers to eat lots of “Angus Third Pounders” so Mickey D’s will put them on menus everywhere. (Even if SoCal came first.) The ads feature bad Baahston accents! And kazoo solos from Texas! But do you think I can find the ads online? Heck no. I can find a lukewarm review (embedding disabled by request!!!! Huh?)

..and a negative one:

And a fairly positive, non-video review that lists the scary facts. Ummmm, 760 calories, 41 grams of fat, and 145mg of cholesterol. (And that’s without bacon.)

Sounds like the suits are afraid of the fans, and maybe they should be. But the ads are funny and should at least show up somewhere on the corporate site.

Oh, and the ads hooked me — I’ll post my review after I’ve actually sampled the goods.

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