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300 Jed X Lego Z Slam Puts Me to Sleep, Too August 30, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Matt Hasselbeck — balding, cerebral — is my new favorite, non-Redskin NFL player. Even though he plays pansyball West Coast Offense for Seattle. The NFL is using Hasselbeck in an ad campaign to help clean up its mildly tarnished image, and he’s totally charming, and his kids are adorable.

As usual, I’ll howl about how hard it is to find the ads online. I found ’em at the New York Times (who misspells his name, for pete’s sake, even though it’s visible in the video — newspaper of record my @ss). Huh? I searched pretty diligently, including at NFL.com.

Of course, in this engaging ESPN.com story, Hasselbeck admits that when he’s watching film preparing for games, the kids are out with Mom.

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