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NYTimes Single-Handedly Supports Entire Second Life Ecosystem September 9, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

The NY Sunday Times spends 2,400 words telling us that people in Second Life like to dress up their buffed avatars. Yeah, there’s a theme about materialism in the virtual world. Besides Second Life users, the article sources:

– a Stanford grad student with a PhD, but in communications, not psych or sociology
– the author of a book about how he tried to make a living in virtual economies
– “a blogger who writes about Second Life”
– a co-author of an as yet unpublished Second Life book
– another blogger who also writes books about Second Life
– a Second Life user, who is an entrepreneur and blogger
– another author of an as-yet unpublished book on Second Life
– a Stanford Law prof who has “studied the economies of virtual worlds”
– a lawyer who blogs about virtual reality “legal issues”
– a behavioral economist at Cornell University, who “studies investor behavior in the real world and recently became interested in how investors behave similarly in Second Life”

I’m fascinated by virtual worlds, too, and curious just what we’ll learn from them. So far, I don’t think we’ve reached Neuromancer or Snow Crash territory.

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