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Millennials Tidbits September 27, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Some highlights from my The Millennials conference panel with MTV’s Matt Catapano and Alloy Media’s Samantha Skey:

– While Samantha and I agreed that there’s big differences between tweens, teens, and college/young adults born between ’82 and ’00, Matt pointed out that one thing that unifies this big group is a familiarity with digital technology: they all grew up with the Internet and cell phones. That’s for sure, and something that will characterize this cohort/peer group forever – even while some characteristics will change as this group ages.

– Other thing Matt and Samantha thought would remain peer group-specific included multitasking and constant communication. I’m not a hundred percent convinced about those, but we’ll be watching that closely. Multitasking, probably, but the constant need to be in touch may suffer from real life work, family, and environment demands.

– Matt had a very clever turn of phrase describing Millennials self-broadcasting tendency. He said a new “middle class of fame” was emerging. I think I’ll steal that one. He also described a related feedback loop of create, share, validate (by friends) that definitely applies to programming and marketing for this group.

– Samantha said kids and teens in this generation actually aren’t rebelling against their parents — in fact they get along great. A whopping 13% text with their parents daily.

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