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Will Widgets Finally Move the Personalization Needle? October 23, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Widgets are white hot, if not significantly profitable. According to JupiterResearch consumer surveys, awareness and usage was closer to zero than 10 percent only six to nine months ago. But now, 39 percent of online users are familiar with them, and 26 percent have used them. Over 40 percent of 18 to 24 year olds have used ’em, and they’re six times as likely to get them from friends as they are to get them from companies. That has huge implications for your social media programming and marketing tactics. But what about this?

User customization or personalization of Web pages hadn’t moved an inch in years, even though it’s one of the features that characterizes the Internet as a medium. If you were getting 15 to 20 percent of your users to customize your site, even a little, you were doing well. Fueled first by YouTube, Flickr, and MySpace, and turbocharged by Facebook, widgets might change that. To think, after all that work by Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, et al., it took dumb-as-dirt embed codes.

See Jupiter widgets report.

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