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But Is it Really About Selling Sentras? October 24, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Intriguing detail in today’s Journal story on Nissan’s quasi-guerrilla marketing plans for its $70,000 GT-R sports car. Including in-game advertising with Electronic Arts. The punchline, though, comes in the penultimate graf:

    Nissan forecasts sales of 200 GT-Rs per month in Japan. The company hasn’t said how many it expects to sell in the U.S. or whether the car’s price will approximate the $70,000 sticker in Japan. EA says that among the 45 million annual players of the Need for Speed game, the vast majority are 16-to-34-year-old men — not the best demographic for a high-five-figure car.

Jupiter concurs. But maybe the PS punchline is the last graf:

    Paul Sakalas, 27 years old, first learned about the Skyline GT-R when he was playing Gran Turismo on his PlayStation. Mr. Sakalas, a radio producer in Virginia Beach, Va., says he was exuberant when he heard a new version of the car would finally be sold in the U.S. “But when I heard how much it cost, my dreams were crushed on the rocks of reality,” says Mr. Sakalas. He now drives a Nissan Sentra sedan.

…and this is about aspirational marketing for boring old Nissans. Fiendishly clever.

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