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Steve Jobs Is the Devil! November 9, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

I’ve been stewing over, but holding back, on this one for a bit. NBC’s Jeff Zucker says Apple destroyed the music business. Wrong, bucko. Hanging on to overpriced CDs and Album-Oriented-Rock destroyed the music business. Apple singlehandedly rejuvenated digital music. If not for the iPod, we’d be dealing with Liquid Audio, SDMI, and Sony rootkit nonsense, while the labels tried to sue their fans to success. Digital spending would be a fraction of what it is now, and, you know what, CD sales would still be tanking.

True, the filmed entertainment and video dinosaurs incumbents are acting way faster than their music brethren. That’s a good thing. If they can make a better business and a better consumer offering by avoiding Apple, so be it. Can’t say I’ve seen much yet, though I think Hulu is interesting.

Sure, and I’m buying from Amazon instead of Apple when I can, because it’s cheaper and already in my preferred format, MP3. (Still downloading to my Mac and listening on my iPod.) But I’m hoping SanDisk, Zune, Nokia and — gawd forbid — Sony, can take a shot at iPod. And that Rhapsody and Napster can thrive.

It’s all about competition and innovation, Jeff. Let’s see some.

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