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Not a Fan of Overpriced, Under-Featured iPod Competitors November 20, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Gotta disagree with colleague Michael Gartenberg’s fairly positive review of the Haier ibiza MP3 player that supports Rhapsody’s on-demand music service. Even though Michael is Jupiter’s lead gadget guy. Okay, sure, it does support a cool music service. But it’s, umm, not aggressively priced — 30GB for $300 — right now Apple, for pete’s sake, has an 80GB iPod for $250. And it’s “un-branded.” Haier makes refrigerators.

Michael, do tell why you think an overpriced device has a chance, and yet you dis Zune, which at least is priced close (unlike Haier’s), looks good (unlike Haier’s), has a slick UI (unlike Haier’s) and has some features Apple doesn’t (WiFi, on-demand service support, though the wrong one…ie not Rhapsody or Napster).

Device manufacturers are going to have to underprice and outfeature Apple to gain share. And regular readers know I’m the biggest fan of subscription services there is.

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