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Fox Buys Beliefnet — No, This Isn’t About the Simpsons, MySpace, or Roger Ailes December 4, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

This isn’t quite as counter-intuitive as you might think. News Corp. is buying Beliefnet, but it’s not Fox Interactive Media, the part of News Corp. that runs MySpace, IGN, Fox Sports, etc. (not that that would be nuts, either), but rather Fox Entertainment Group, the TV and filmed entertainment development and distribution arm.

I’ve always been a little skeptical about Beliefnet, partly because while you might think it’s about religion, it’s not about any single faith. Communities around faith can be very strong — and very good for targeted marketing — but Beliefnet’s really about spirituality and religious exploration. I suspect faith-based MySpace channels or communities would do just fine on their own, and who knows, maybe there’s some New Age synergies across properties. But News Corp. has other content that will appeal to Beliefnet users.

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