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Anything To Get “Jackass” in a Title December 13, 2007

Posted by David Card in Media.

Gee, user-generated content turns pro. No, wait. Paramount and Johnny Knoxville and Blockbuster are pros already. Does this mean the Jackass franchise is turning amateur?

    In an experiment that tests consumer appetite for online movies, Viacom Inc.’s Paramount Pictures movie, “Jackass 2.5,” is skipping traditional theatrical release in favor of online distribution…On Dec. 19, “Jackass 2.5” will be available exclusively on Blockbuster’s Web site for free streaming, meaning viewers can watch but not keep the movie. Starting Dec. 26, the movie will be available for purchase on DVD at all major DVD retailers, but for rentals the DVD will be available only at Blockbuster.

All kidding aside, Jackass content is made for the Web, but I’m thinking of clips of stunts, with lots of viral pass-along. Not so much as a full length (well, 64 minutes) feature film (term “feature film” used loosely). It’s an interesting experiment in exclusivity and, for Blockbuster, in ad-supported video, but I hope they do something to Internet-ize it.

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