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Aren’t, Like, “Brian’s Song” and “Hoosiers” the Best Sports Movies Ever? March 3, 2008

Posted by David Card in Media.

I’ve said several times in this forum, that ESPN is the very model of a modern media company (since the Times is using that headline elsewhere today, I’ll steal it back). However, I dunno about this one. Aren’t sports movies by definition corny? How does that fit with the ESPN brand and audience demo — i.e., tongue-in-cheek insider commentary for 14-24 year-old boys of all ages? Maybe these should be branded Disney after all…

    ESPN said it would collaborate with Creative Artists Agency and Walt Disney Studios to produce and distribute theatrical films with sports themes. As part of the network’s expansion in filmed entertainment, ESPN is also hiring 30 filmmakers to produce one-hour mini-movies to appear on the channel starting in September 2009.
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