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Oscar Post-Mortem February 23, 2009

Posted by David Card in Media.

I got 18 of 24 picks, the best I’ve ever done in ye olde Card Family Oscar Pool. (I got 17 two years ago.)  This year, I was swinging for the fences with Mickey Rourke, and I shoulda remembered Pixar never gets the short. And what’s up with Foreign Language? I had Waltz with Bashir and thought I might miss out to The Class. But whoulda thunk a Japanese heart-tugging comedy would score?

My real 2008 faves. (I saw Frost/Nixon this weekend and it was my least favorite of the best picture noms. Two really good performances but Nixon’s character was over-written and Frost’s under.)

It turns out there’s not as hard a connection between popular movies and good Nielsen ratings as I feared. But where was Jack? And when did Hollywood celebs stop drinking? I talk more about the show and the ads on the professional blog. Still figuring out how to balance these two sites. I don’t want to re-post everything, and so far the suits don’t seem to mind me posting in the voice I’ve always used online on the Corporate Site.


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