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Happy 243rd July 4, 2019

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Source: Nike via NBC

This year’s patriotic plug tells the story of two American warriors who couldn’t help but be doomed by their conflicting cultures. It’s pretty convincing on the parallels between Crazy Horse and Custer. For a funny, cynical, literary take on some of the same issues, Robert Coover’s Huck Out West does a right passable imitation of Sam Clemens’ Huck.

Of course, neither Custer nor Crazy Horse – nor Huck – was a Virginian. But each is an Amuhrican type, that’s for sure.

I’m not trying to be controversial, but this year’s flag image reflects a lot of what the country’s facing these days: dueling identity politics, commercialization, abuse of icons, etc. Sigh. You know the drill.

Happy Fourth. Throw another burger on the grill for me. As usual, I’ll bring Mom’s potato salad (never tastes the same twice, but always good).