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Napster Ad Nails It June 20, 2005

Posted by David Card in Advertising.
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Just saw a banner ad for Napster. “Never Buy a CD with Only One Good Track Again.” Bingo. That is exactly what the near-term pitch for subscription music services should be. For now, these services are a better way to discover what you want to buy on a CD (or download), rather than a wholesale replacement for physical products. Even sophisticated fans and file sharers value a physical product more than a digital one.

I appreciate the difficulty of marketing subscription services with soundbytes, and so I didn’t hate the “$10/month vs. $10,000 to fill your device” concept. But no one’s iPod is filled with songs they (legally) downloaded, anyway, so the idea was a stretch. I like this campaign much better. Good job, guys.

What the Internet Is Good For May 24, 2005

Posted by David Card in Advertising.
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We’re thinking about online video report topics, so I was doing my homework. I think we know what the Internet is best used for:

    “This is the ultimate in bimbo advertising,” Sealey said. “If you are Hooters and you have buxom young waitresses, that’s fine. But Carl’s Jr. is more mainstream. They’ve got families going in there.”

Caution, these are both a little workplace-unfriendly:

Carl’s Jr. Site I doubt the Bentley is from a product placement deal.

UK Trojans Site (sourced by my pal Mark Kingdon of Organic, courtesy of his ClickZ column.

And now, to ensure some blog traffic: