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A Prodigal Returns February 4, 2009

Posted by David Card in Digital Home & Personal Tech, Media, Microsoft.
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Ah, good, Michael’s back. (Added to blogroll.) Michael Gartenberg and I worked together at Jupiter Research. He’s a smart consumer tech analyst; we would argue productively over whether Microsoft should buy Yahoo, etc.

I’ll quote his three laws:

1. You can sell 50,000 of anything.

2. If Gartenberg sees a product at a demo and doesn’t offer his credit card for purchase immediately, the product is doomed.

3. Even if Gartenberg does offer his credit card, the product may well still be doomed as Gartenberg is part of the 50,000 that will buy anything.

Geek “Cred” Gag October 28, 2008

Posted by David Card in Microsoft.
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Gee, am I the only one making “Azure, I knew Big Blue, and you’re no Big Blue” gags? (search comments). Where are the other geezer commentators?