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Battlestar Galactica Series Finale March 22, 2009

Posted by David Card in Media.
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Adama: We’ll be in too close for nukes. The same thing goes for missiles. No, this is going to be strictly a gun battle — likeĀ  two old ships on the line slugging it out at point-blank range. I want the gun captains to do their job and start firing immediately. And to continue to fire until they run out of ammo. And then…I want them to start throwing rocks.(smiles)

I liked the return to old-war-movie-cliche bits. I like the fact that human (Cylon?) nature and depravity screwed things up. I liked the resolution to the opera house. I’m pretty okay with Starbuck’s fate, and with Baltar’s, but way, way less satisfied with Cavil’s. And I liked the very “end.” But I’m very concerned about the whole hippy thing, and the fate vs. free will vs. religion vs. destiny vs. evolution cop-out. On balance, it was a little like LOTR 3.

There, I think I delivered my opinion without any major spoilers.